Champ Camp news:

Champ Camp will be closed for the summer of 2019 due to low staffing. We thank you for your interest in our program, and we can’t wait to get back to Champions when the school year begins.

Free lunch will still be served at Liberty Park Monday - Thursday from 11:30am-12pm. Anyone under 18 is welcome to come enjoy a free meal.

Week 4: Emergency Services

Message: God is our helper


 Week 6: Love yo' neighbor

Message: Love your neighbor as yourself


A love for the city...

Champ Camp is all about introducing school age kids to Christ as presented in scripture. Throughout the summer we give kids a chance to engage the city and its natural surroundings. Each week we talk about God and life in Spokane.  Camp is free of charge to families, so we need your financial support to keep it going each year.  Donate here.

Champ Camp 2018 Recap

Week 1: space is the place

Message: God loves his creation



Week 2: Olympics

Message: God is our strength


Week 3: under the sea

Message: God is powerful and good 

 Week 5: love yo' city

Message: God loves Spokane, and God love YOU


Week 7: camp wild side

Message: How do we become better friends with Jesus?

Week 8: Fruit of the Spirit

Message: We can keep growing in our friendship with Jesus!