A love for the city...

Champ Camp is all about introducing school age kids to Christ as presented in scripture.  Throughout the summer we give kids a chance to engage the city and its natural surroundings.  Each week we talk about God and life in Spokane.  Camp is free of charge to families, so we need your financial support to keep it going each year.  Donate here.

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Champ Camp 2017

·         Monday – Thursday

o   11:00 Welcome

o   11:30 – Lunch at Community Center

o   12:00 – Field trip (pool, park, others)

o   3pm close


Week 1: Open Hearts and Minds

Message: We can ask about God

Kids gain confidence to ask big questions about God.



Week 2: God is our Rock – Geology week

Message: God is ever lasting - Genesis 1:1

Kids explore local geology while pondering God’s eternal nature



Week 3: Growing in Faith – Garden week

Message: God is patient - John 15:5

Kids visit community garden and farmers market and learn about God’s patience


Week 4: Mountaintop experiences

Message: God is our helper - Psalm 121:1

Kids visit Mt. Spokane summit and learn about asking God for help


Week 5: Look to the heavens – astronomy

Message: God is awesome- Psalm 19:1

Local astronomy exhibit and Michael P. Anderson memorial – Kids learn that God is in control


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Week 6: Christmas in July

Message: God is with us and understands us - Luke 2:11

Kids make gifts for on another and learn about God’s love for us through Jesus


Week 7: Loving our neighbors

Message: Forgiving others Matthew 19:19

Kids serve at neighborhood BBQ and learn about God’s desire for us to love one another



Week 8: Fruit of the Spirit

Message: We need God’s help to thrive - Galatians 5:22-23

Kids overnight at Camp White and reflect on summer and future year in school.