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Please note that completing this form registers your child for our 8-week summer program, but a waiver form must be signed by a parent in person in order to confirm participation.

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Liberty Park Champ Camp Participant Policy
Champ Camp is an 8-week program that runs from June 24th – August 15th; Monday-Thursday from 11 am – 3 pm. Because of the nature of our field trips, children six years or younger may not attend field trips unless accompanied by a sibling age twelve or older. All children participating in Liberty Park Champ Camp will be held to a standard of behavior. The rules of Liberty Park are set in place for the safety of children and staff. All Champ Camp participants are required to follow the rules of Liberty Park. If a child cannot follow rules, his/her parent or legal guardian will be contacted. Actions deemed by staff as extreme or dangerous may result in exclusion from Liberty Park’s summer program.
Champ Camp Participation
I give my child permission to participate in the eight-week summer Champ Camp program offered by Liberty Park Community Development Center.
Parent Agreement
I understand that my child’s participation in the Champion program is voluntary, and that my child may be excluded, removed, or permanently expelled from the program at the discretion of the Liberty Park Community Development Center staff. Liberty Park Community Development center adopts a zero-tolerance policy relating to inappropriate behavior as defined in the “Safety and Quality Standards.”
Champ Camp Transportation
Please note that all participants in Champ Camp will be transported to field trips via van or bus. All staff are qualified drivers and have undergone a background check. If the parent or legal guardian foresees an issue with a child being transported to field trips with the Champ Camp staff, Liberty Park must be made aware before summer program begins.
Photo Release
I agree to allow Liberty Park Community Development Center to use photos and videos of my child for newsletters, electronic media, and for educational displays. Child identification (name, age, etc.) will remain strictly confidential.
Not Child Care
I understand that the summer program at Liberty Park Community Development Center is not child care. I take full responsibility for my child during all Champion program activities.
Off-site Activities
I authorize my child to participate in off-site activities with Liberty Park Community Development Center staff. Field Trip Release forms will be sent home with Champ Camp participants one week in advance. Forms must be signed and returned before the field trip in order to ensure participation.

Week 4: Emergency Services

Message: God is our helper


 Week 6: Love yo' neighbor

Message: Love your neighbor as yourself


A love for the city...

Champ Camp is all about introducing school age kids to Christ as presented in scripture. Throughout the summer we give kids a chance to engage the city and its natural surroundings. Each week we talk about God and life in Spokane.  Camp is free of charge to families, so we need your financial support to keep it going each year.  Donate here.

Champ Camp 2018 Recap

Week 1: space is the place

Message: God loves his creation



Week 2: Olympics

Message: God is our strength


Week 3: under the sea

Message: God is powerful and good 

 Week 5: love yo' city

Message: God loves Spokane, and God love YOU


Week 7: camp wild side

Message: How do we become better friends with Jesus?

Week 8: Fruit of the Spirit

Message: We can keep growing in our friendship with Jesus!