Free preschool for 3 and 4 year old learners


Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program known as ECEAP (pronounced "e-cap") is a state-funded early learning program that includes pre-k, parent involvement and family support services.

  • The program is free and open to all 3 and 4 year-olds of income eligible families.

  • Our family service coordinator can tell you if you are eligible.

  • To enroll your child please fill out the application.

  • Visit our ECEAP Facebook page to learn more about classes.

 Our classroom boasts high ceilings and a view across the entire city of Spokane.

Our classroom boasts high ceilings and a view across the entire city of Spokane.


Children in pre-k get to be with other children and discover the world around them. Pre-k is fun. Children love it. It helps them develop social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills. It helps them get ready for the routine of a kindergarten classroom.

Playing and Making Friends

When you’re a child, your life should be fun and filled with wonderful memories to look back on. When you’re a child, you should be exploring the world around you, and trying to make sense of it. And, if you’re a child, you are making friends that could last a lifetime.

Special Needs Support

Our pre-k gives children with special needs a mainstream experience that is safe, fun and caring.

Parent Involvement

Parents are partners with staff, making decisions in all areas of the program. A parents’ dinner meeting is held monthly for discussion of important topics, like kindergarten readiness.

Health Screening and Healthy Food

We conduct several health screenings in the classroom, and teach healthy habits. Children wash their hands before meals and snacks, and brush their teeth after eating. We serve nutritious food and participate in the USDA children’s food program.

Family Support Services

When you need answers you can rely on our family services coordinator to find the best resources for you and your family.  ECEAP serves the whole family.