We cannot tell you how thankful we are for the support we have seen through the community in and around Spokane. You have given us the opportunity to love our neighbors more and more every day. You have loved east central Spokane by supporting the mission of Liberty Park, and we cannot wait to move forward on this journey with each and every one of you.

In the past year we have expanded our center to include a refugee assistance program, five new and improved ESL classes, adult education courses, as well as a Neighborhood Networks program that serves the community in many different ways. We are seeing growth in so many of our families, and we look forward to the impact that Liberty Park will continue to make on their lives.

We want to continue growing our resources and expanding our programs in order to continue empowering the families of Liberty Park. We need your help to do this. That’s why we are launching our two-month #239ofus campaign. We are thankful to have 239 people who support and follow us on our Facebook page, which is where we got the idea to turn 239 into $2,390.00 (details below!). All funds from this campaign will directly fund the expansion and improvement of the educational programs at Liberty Park.

Text 239ofus to 44321 or visit https://secure.givelively.org/donate/liberty-park-child-development-center/239ofus to donate to our campaign.

We are also participating in #givingtuesday this year, which is a nationwide campaign that encourages and celebrates the generosity of anyone and everyone making an impact.

Please consider supporting our mission and sharing our campaign with those around you. We are so thankful for every one of you.


A New Season at LPCDC

With the changing of seasons we are excited to announce big changes at Liberty Park Community Development Center…

It has always been our mission to serve the families of the east central community of Spokane, WA. For years we have built up programs that focused on the education and stabilization of the youth in this area. In the past year we have worked as a team to grow our vision, expand our mission, and create more programs fit for every single person in this unique neighborhood. We have partnered with Proclaim Liberty and HUD to institute the Neighborhood Networks program at LPCDC. We have also added a brand new refugee assistance program through Americorps VISTA. So we’d like to reintroduce ourselves to you.


What is Liberty Park Community Development Center?

We are a community center located in the middle of one of Spokane’s most diverse neighborhoods. As a mission of the Presbytery of the Inland Northwest, we seek to be living witness to the Spirit’s work in Spokane. Our mission is to empower the people of Liberty Park by offering free resources and tools that allow our residents to push themselves towards greater things. We encourage academic and social growth in the lives of both children and adults, and create opportunities for our residents to practice that growth. 


What Happens at LPCDC?

So much. We have created, and are continuing to create programs designed to empower the people of Liberty Park. Each of our programs is free and open to the people of Spokane.

  • Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) - free preschool (age 3-4) to those who meet the low-income qualifications.
    • Monday-Thursday 8:30-11:30 or 12:15-3:15
  • Champions After-School Drop-In Program - free after-school program for all school-age children, includes free tutoring and mentorship. 
    • Monday-Friday 3-5:45
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) - free English classes
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30-1:30 (temporarily on hold)
  • Neighborhood Networks - free resources for educational, social, and job-related growth. Free computer lab. Free appointments with NN director, Natalie Cannavo, for goal-setting, job counseling, academic assistance, etc. 
  • Community activities and events - free events for the entire community each month.
  • Fresh Produce Food Bank - free fresh produce for the residents of Liberty Park donated by the Thursday Market of the Perry district, along with Catholic Charities
  • Vista - Refugee assistance program that offers help in job placement, English learning,  etc. 


Who are the people behind LPCDC?

  • LPCDC Board
  • Natalie Cannavo - LPCDC Director 
  • Tayler Flemming - Champions Teacher
  • Abbie Hochberger - VISTA Volunteer
  • Ivy Chetverikov - ECEAP Director
  • Emily Crosswhite - ECEAP Family Service Coordinator (FSC)
  • Erin Haworth - ECEAP Teacher
  • Michele DeLong - ECEAP Cook

We are so excited to be entering this new season at Liberty Park; and as always, we are ecstatic to share this journey with you. We ask for your support as we continue serving the East central neighborhood of Spokane. 

The BEST 5 Ways to Support LPCDC This Summer

Support LPCDC Article header.png

1. Donate

We are a non-profit, which means we rely on YOU in order to continue our mission. Your donations further our mission and allow us to expand our vision to reach even more of our community. When you donate you are providing free programs to all Liberty Park residents that help them grow economically, academically, and socially. You can donate online by clicking below, or text LOVEPEOPLE to 1-844-544-7171. When you text to donate you can chose which program your donation benefits, or you can donate to our broader mission.

2. Volunteer

Liberty Park runs off of the generosity of our volunteers. The support that we get from volunteers allows us to expand the reach of our programs and show love to more of our neighbors. Volunteering at Liberty Park is a life-changing experience. Whether you teach adults English, share a conversation during laundry love, read to preschool children, pour into school-age kids, or mentor a teen, your life will be impacted by your experience here.  Volunteers come from every background, and all bring a unique personality that enhances our program. We value diversity, and encourage all people to help us grow the next generation of leaders.

3. Come To Our Events

If you're in the area, we would love to see you there! Our events are for our families and for YOU. We want you to get to know the people behind Liberty Park Community Development Center, and we want to get to know you. Our events are the perfect way to do that. We've got some exciting events happening this summer and we want you to be there. Subscribe to our events mailing list to receive invites and updates. 

4. Spread The Word

We can reach the people we reach because of YOU. When you spread the word about Liberty Park Community Development Center, it allows us to broaden our community. We want our families to get to know the greater Spokane community, and you can help us do that. We've created a flyer that explains who we are and what we do so that spreading the word about Liberty Park is easier than ever. Click below to download our LPCDC flyer. 

5. Share This Page!