Vision and Mission


Liberty Park Community Development Center is a neighborhood hub that connects people of all ages to opportunities for spiritual, educational, and social growth. As a mission of the Presbytery of the Inland Northwest,
we seek to be a living witness to the Spirit’s work in Spokane.



To share Christ’s love with our neighbors through education opportunities,
 community connections, and empowering relationships.


Champion Goal:

For school-age children to encounter Christ’s love after school
through mentoring, academic support, and friendship.


Champ Camp Goal:

To introduce kids to Christ, and to help them discover
and develop a love for the city in which they live.


Youth Group Goal:

To give teens an opportunity to know Christ through adult leadership and love.


Preschool (ECEAP) Goal:

To develop supportive relationships with local families
through free preschool and social services.


Laundry Love Goal:

Help families meet basic needs while forming personal relationships.



To help immigrants and refugees become more successful in life
through improved English language skills.